About Us


Mohsin Aftab Qarshi started ” AFTAB QARSHI DAWAKHANA ” in the memory of his beloved father Hakim Aftab Ahmed Qarshi who was elder son of hakim Muhammad Hassan Qarshi


We have merged the vision, experience and knowledge of our forefathers with the state of the art, modern, and progressive manufacturing facilities in the Company.



CEO Message

People are our invaluable assets and their health is our top priority. Provision of safe, qualitative, cost effective and time tested health care to the people is our goal. Herbal medicine's provides nature's way of curing people. Hence we have concentrated our energies in developing herbal medicines, which are free from chemicals, unwanted residues and side effects.

We procure herbs and ingredients of these medicines from approved and reliable sources. Quality as per CGMP is carefully ensured at all stages of procurement, storage, manufacturing and delivery by our quality professionals. Quality is checked using state of the art and calibrated instruments in our laboratory. We have a commitment to our consumers to provide them high quality products at affordable prices.

Herbal Medicine History & Usage

Herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years. It is estimated that 80% of world population rely on traditional herbal medicine for primary health care. In recent years, herbal remedies have been considered as dietary supplement for disease prevention and as alternative/complementary medicine. A wide variety of herbal medicines are readily available in the market all over the world. With the rising utilization of herbal products, safety and efficacy of herbal medicine have become a public health concern.

Herbal medicine is considered by many to offer an alternative treatment for various diseases, particularly lifestyle diseases that require lifelong pharmaceutical medication and thus raises safety concerns. It is also believed by traditional medical practitioners that the phytoconstituents present in herbal medicine have better compatibility with the human system. Phytochemicals present in herbs are being actively investigated for direct use as therapeutic agents and as prototype lead compounds for the development of new synthetic or semisynthetic drugs. Herbal medicines are safe to use .